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After 5 semesters in Virginia Commonwealth University's art department,

I dropped out and worked in a graphic design studio.  This was pre-computer era and all of our work was done by hand. 

I later apprenticed with a sign painter and worked as a muralist/sign painter, raising two awesome little-now-big boys at the same time. 

In my 30's I went back to school earning a BA from Flagler College and later a MS ED at ODU . I taught art to public school students for 20 years, whew!



 I'm retired!   I 'grandmother', help my husband work on blueprints and I have a home studio where I do my creative work. 


Thank you for visiting my site! 

What I make:

I am primarily a painter, although I dabble in all kinds of art making. I also love creating hand built pottery.

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